L1 Visa renewal or extension?

For L1 visa, I got it at 2014-11-4 :

  • expiration date as 2016-11-6,
  • I-129S, expiration date as 2017-11-4
  • I-94, expiration date as 2019-11-4

I need to go back to China at 2016-12-3, and at the time my visa is going to be expired, and then when I come back to US at 2016-12-20, i will not able to entry.

This problem is driving me crazy these sevral days. And finally I releaize it’s not a big deal. What i need to do is only the L1 VISA renewal.

Here is what it means:

  1. Extension is the process of requesting extension of stay as well as work period in US. It is filed by filing I539 ( for extension of stay) and I129 (extension for petition to work). Now generally, all this achieves is the extension of I-94. USCIS would reject the request for extension if applied more than 6 Months before I-94 expiry stating that extension is not required as I am already allowed to stay and work till 2019. So I don’t need to file an extension now.

2.As for renewal, it typically means, getting a new visa in my passport. This can happen only outside US. I need to go to the consulate outside US, take interview appointment based on my DS-160, take the I129S, and I797, and supporting documents, and face the Visa Officer and if granted, would get a new L1 stamp in my passport. The advantage of renewal is that I get fresh visa and the freedom to enter US multiple times as long as visa is valid.